Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is very resistant to salinity and heat. It is basically used in product such as floor tiles, insulation for pipes, vehicle pumps and brakes and various building materials. This will include mineral fibers, crocidolite, trimolite, amocytes, crystals, antinolite and other materials that have been altered or treated chemical. Generally the construction is in the industry and in the repair of the ship, especially during the removal of abstraction material due to repairs, disasters and repairs. For most of the time, workers are exposed during the auto break and raw repair work and during the manufacturing process of abstrast products such as insulation, hiatus products and textiles.

The dangers of asbestos

This substance has been identified as a health hazard. Moreover, its use is very high at this time by the authorities, the authorities, which are related to various health risks, are very small – in fact, it can not be seen with the naked eye. You should know that if your breath is its fiber, then it can form tissues like spots in the lungs – this is called asbestosis. This condition can lead to loss of function of the lungs which can lead to disability and death. In addition, this substance will also cause similar diseases such as mesothelioma plura, a fatal tumor of the lungs of the lungs or urine. There are many evidence already exists that the fiber types of all asbestos can cause mesothelioma in humans.

How to reduce the risks of asbestos

The authorities have set up safety standards to reduce the effects of asbestos for human health. These standards can help reduce employee risk by requiring employees to provide personal exposure monitoring to assess risk training as well as to assess risk training, where there are any possible exposure to asbestos. It is essential that asbestos airports do not exceed the limits of the legal worker’s view. For any asbestos fiber, there is no “safe” level.

Each occupational exposure to asbestos can actually lead to illness. In addition, each Occupational Exposure will contribute to the risk of getting asbestos-related diseases. Employees need to protect employees by establishing regular areas. In addition, it needs to be done to ensure that exposure is reduced by implementing administrative controls for employees and providing personal safety equipment. In fact, medical care is also important when the time and range of medical exposure increases.

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